Envinity is accepted as the first Pennsylvania member of the Amicus Solar Cooperative 

Amicus Solar Cooperative was founded in the fall of 2011. A small group of progressive solar professionals decided it was time to form a national organization where independent businesses could support each other by sharing best practices and pooling their buying power.  Amicus is a purchasing cooperative that is jointly owned and democratically managed by member companies made up of 50 members, with 44 office locations in 34 states nationwide including Puerto Rico and Canada. Member companies are passing their enhanced purchasing power along to customers by offering best solar pricing on high-quality solar electric system installations.

Envinity is excited to have been accepted as one of the 50 member-owners of Amicus Solar Cooperative. By teaming up with some of the most well respected solar firms from around the country, Envinity has taken another step to offer our clients high quality solar products and service at an affordable price.

Learn more about Amicus Solar Cooperative at amicussolar.com 


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