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Envinity uses website analytics service to measure the traffic and visitors' general details of the customers' websites. Collecting these statistics, a website can make their visitors' experience better (e.g. which pages they visit and when, where they are approximately located, where does a user land first or if they are coming from a specific referral).


By using visitor analytics, we are using cookies to collect data about visitors' device type, approximate location, browser, OS, IPs, page visits, bounce rate, conversions and popular content on the website.We will never use the collected data to identify individual users or to match it with additional information on an individual user. Each visitor has control over the cookies placement.

Envinity never sells user information, or gives email addresses, phone numbers, or other personal information to third parties.


How to control cookies

You can control and/or delete cookies as you wish by checking your browser settings on each device - for details, see

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