1) Take Advantage of Federal Incentives - The Federal Government is currently offering an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) worth 30% of the total cost of your solar system. This means that a solar array costing $25,000 will earn a $7,500 ITC!


2) Explore Flexible Payment Options - SunPower offers a no-interest bridge loan of up to $45,000 for the first year. This is in addition to the 30% Federal ITC for solar. 


3) Earn Solar Renewable Energy Certificates - For every 1,000 kWh your system generates, you will earn a solar renewable energy certificate (SREC). These SRECs can be sold back to the electric company, and depending on the size of your solar system, can generate between $100s and $1,000s of additional revenue each year!


4) Eliminate or Dramatically Decrease Your Electric Bill - You can entirely or partially offset your electricity consumption with solar panels, meaning you'll be generating free or reduced-cost power over the lifetime of the array. 




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