SunPower 25 Year Warranty

SunPower covers 100% of repair or replacement costs, unlike conventional solar warranties. Labor, shipping, parts are all covered for 25 years.  Your panels won’t lose more than 8% of their original power output in 25 years, guaranteed. Compare that to 19% for conventional solar.


1) Protect Yourself Against Rising Energy Costs - Inflation and global politics often result in increasing energy prices. Generating your own solar electricity reduces the financial impact of fluctuating energy costs, so you can depend on your solar system to  keep your utility costs stable over time. 


2) Enjoy High Returns on Investment - Solar Panels and Solar Thermal Systems can have higher returns on investment (ROI)  than more traditional forms of investment(such as IRAs). With an ROI of 7-10%, solar technology is a wise long-term investment that you can count on.


3) Achieve Energy Independence from the Utility - Thanks to net-metering, a grid connected solar system can allow you to eliminate or reduce your dependence on the utility. In fact, if your array generates more electricity than you use, you can actually EARN money for those excess kWh! A decentralized energy grid is a secure energy grid.




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